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Visa for Entrepreneurs or Self Employed or D2

In order to attract foreign entrepreneurs to the country, Portuguese law provides for a special visa, called Visa D2, for citizens wishing to carry out an investment activity in Portugal. Investment activities for this purpose include the creation of small and medium-sized companies with economic, social, scientific, technological or cultural relevance for the country.

This visa allows its holder, and the respective household, to enter Portuguese territory in order to apply for the subsequent Residence Permit.

Close up of a Visa document and passport

Visto de residência para aposentados ou titulares de rendimentos – D7

Intended for retirees or holders of their own income who wish to reside in Portugal. They will be able to enjoy the status of non-habitual resident and, therefore, be exempt from taxation related to those income or pensions obtained outside Portugal, provided that they have already been taxed in their country of origin.

For further clarification, obtaining one of these visas or legal support from a lawyer specialized in the matter, please contact us:

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