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Golden Visa Investments

The best Mutual Fund options for you

With renowned partners in the area of Investment Funds

we will be able to present you the most profitable options and

market competitive.  

Investment example:  

- Initial Investment: 500 thousand Euros

- Duration of the Fund 5 to 8 Years

- Expected Annual Return Rate of 4.96%

- Membership Expenses €3,500 + VAT

- Expenses over the Investment Duration = Zero  

- Possibility of Enjoying 14 Days of Stays in Selected Superior Quality Accommodations in various parts of the country  

- Valuation of your investment and attractive values of exit capital after the end of the stipulated period  

The information presented is a mere example, non-binding, not exempting consultation and confirmation with our services.

Get in touch with us through one of our available means and schedule a meeting to better fit you, your tax situation and objectives.

Close up of a Visa document and passport
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